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Tais Events committed to a greener future.

Manual of Good Environmental Practices

At Tais Events, we believe in leading by example. For this reason, we have implemented a manual of good environmental practices for all our staff.

Carbon Footprint Calculation

Committed to transparency, we provide our clients with a results report that includes the calculation of the carbon footprint.

Promotion of Public Transport

We encourage our staff to use public transport where possible and provide detailed information on the nearest public transport options.

Online documents and 100% online communication

In an effort to reduce paper consumption and minimize waste, we have chosen to send all documentation to our staff online.

What do those

who work with us say?

… our clients

Our customers feedbacks are the best witness of our work. They help us to improve and encourage us to continue giving our best.

… our staff

Our staff’s & hostess well-being and comfort has always been and will always be the agency’s priority. That’s why we try to provide them the best possible working conditions in each service.